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Lets Dance have resonable prices in relation to coursecontents and quality.
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Couples: 10% discount.
Student discount: 100,- (Remember to bring your valid studentcard the first day.)
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Studio: Kristian Augustsgate 19 (Tullingården), 1. floor, Oslo. (map)


We have parallel courses on every level (A/B). The course has valid length (week-end, 6 weeks, 8 weeks). The A and B courses have the same level but contain different turn patterns and coreografy. The A and B alternative will rotate, but there's no need to take the courses in an alfabetic order. When you have completed both courses on one level you can move to the next level. We will also put up week-end courses at the intermediate and advanced level if the interest is expressed.



Basic elements of the North-American salsa are thoroughly presented. Solo steps are practiced on a line and is used in subsequent turns. Posture, leading, following and understanding of the beat is crucial elements. The goal at this level in to install a solid platform in the beginner. Central elements as Hammerlock, Cuddle, Open Break and more are thoroughly treated.

Recommendation for you who haven't heared that much salsamusic before:
Buy or borrow a Salsa CD and listen to salsarythms! You can order SalsaFix 1, 2 og 3 by mailing us or buy yourself another cd at the musicstore. If you start to get to know the rythems of salsa in advance you'll probably get a flying start at the course.


The course use elements from the beginner’s course and combines these in varied turn patterns. The emphasis is on expanding the repertoire of turn patterns, and on becoming more precise. Some shines in a slightly higher tempo than the beginner class. The ambition at this level is to meet the requirements of the sprouting neophyte who demands to learn more salsa.


Here we are building further from intermediate. We put on more combinations, and advanced variations of turn patterns from the intermediate level. More complex shines and short sequences. New patterns and some improvisations. Stress is put on subtleties in leading and following. More styling.



The course is teaches basic movements, steps and technique. The focus is on a correct posture and technique to make shore the training is healthy and strengthens your body. The goal of this course is to make the participants familiar with fundamental principles of the dance, and get to know Arabic music. This forms the basis for further development within danceing. The course is ideal for the totally inexperienced, and for the ones who want to consolidate the basic steps.


The course a continuation of the beginner course. Fundamental movements and steps will be practiced in slightly higher tempo. There will be more focus on technique and proper performance of the basics. Some new movements. A little choreography is also taught. The course is ideal for dancers that have prior experience in bellydancing and are aware of the basic movements.