Links for recommended places:


Salseros run courses in salsa, jazz and hula.

Salsasite run courses in salsa (New York style on 2).

Salsa Caliente run courses in salsa "the latin way".

Salsa Power is an international informationsite for salsa.


CAK run courses in african and oriental dance.

Dansestudioet run courses in oriental dance.

David Badyal preform with background in indian dance.

Alfarah is a norwecian club for oriental dance.

Michelle Galdo teach and preform in oriental dance.

Info-site about oriental dance (bellydance) of Ruth Schukalla


Trondheim Swingklubb is located in Trondheim and do courses in folkloric swing, boogie woogie, salsa and linedance.


Norwegian LineDance Management (NLDM) is one of our partners. NLDM arrange the Norwegian Lindance Festival, and do courses for both private persons, groups and business events.

Trønderlag danseklubb is located in Trondheim and do courses in linedance and boogie woogie.